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How much research into genetic disease did you do before purchasing your pet?



"Thank you for shining some light on this topic."

Jenny T.

How The Book Was Born

Oliver and Maggie May, two precious little Cavaliers planted themselves firmly in my heart and soul. When their health began to show signs of deterioration, a desperate search began for a diagnosis. Syringomyelia was a relatively unknown genetic disorder and neurologists, veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners were struggling with a profound lack of information and misdiagnosis.

With the help of other pet owners and breeders experiencing the same misfortune, the concept of "For the Love of Ollie" evolved. It is our hope that in book form the information will be available to all and the experiences we have encountered throughout our journey with this disease will help others. By raising awareness in this way we also hope to raise funds for the gene research now under way.

This research will benefit not only all canine breeds suffering from this disease, but our human friends as well.

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